Liberian Rubber Plantation

By John Warburton, G4IRN

Before the 2012 contest whilst the team were in Monrovia, Liberia, they were invited on a visit to the Firestone rubber plantation, about an hour’s drive out of town. This particular plantation is considered one of the biggest, if not the biggest rubber plantation in the world. This was also an opportunity to meet Ashley Rennie EL2AR, retired Communications Manager at the plantation who still lives adjacent to the processing plant.

The day started off with the team being collected from the hotel in two vehicles – a local taxi and an SUV belonging to Steve, one of the local guys involved in the licensing authority and a friend of Richmond EL2BG and Dickson EL2DT. The taxi needed to fuel up at a local garage soon after we hit the road.

The photos below were taken on the day; the video below that (by G4IRN and KY7M) shows parts of the journey and also a demonstration of latex collection.