Equipment Inventory

Over the years, the Voodoo stock-pile got bigger and bigger. The list below shows some of the equipment in the ‘pile at the time of the DXpedition to Liberia (EL2A) in 2012.


Titanex 87ft for 160m + radial pack

10m 4 ele yagi (Force 12)

15m 3 ele yagi (Force 12)

20m 3 ele yagi (Force 12) * Qty 2

40m 2 ele yagi (Cushcraft)

66ft alluminium vertical for 80m + radial pack

80m dipole

160m dipole

LF RX antennas (beverages, pennants)

C3 tri-band yagi

10ft lattice tower sections * Qty 9

60ft (18m) Spiderpole

2m phased yagis (Qty 2) with masts, phasing harness for EME

Moxon antenna set

Coax runs (numerous)

18AVQ vertical antenna

Fibreglass mast sections

Fibreglass mast bases and guys

40m vertical set

6m yagi


Alpha 78 amplifier * Qty 2

Alpha 76CA amplifier * Qty 5

Pelican cases (for above) * Qty 5

Alpha amplifier spares: tubes, capacitors etc

2m 1kw amplifier in pelican case

IBM T20 laptop + PSU * Qty 2

Compaq Presario + PSU


Networking hardware for coax Ethernet

Networking hardware for wireless Ethernet

CAT5 cable * Qty 100m

Band Pass filters * Qty 7

Coax stub filters * Qty 6

Power plugs, distribution blocks (UK style)

Power plugs, distribution blocks (US style)

Power plugs, distribution blocks (EU style)

Mains transformers 240v to 110v

Rotators + Control Boxes * Qty 6

Rotor cables


Coax switches

‘Carry-on’ equipment to be brought by each operator

Spares for the stockpile (new, or to replace old kit)

Transceiver (typically K2 or K3)

Laptop with logging software loaded

Cables for radio CAT connection

Winkey unit



Lots of adapter plugs