1994: Ghana (9G5AA)

Roger/G3SXW, Jim/K7GE, Mike/KC7V, Tony/N7BG, Rob/GM3YTS. (Vince/K5VT not pictured)

QTH: Novotel Hotel, Accra City Centre, Ghana, West Africa.

CQ Zone 35. Latitude 6′ 9° North, Longitude 0′ 6° West.

Operators on the 1994 team at 9G5AA were:

G3SXW - Roger Western

GM3YTS - Robert Ferguson

K7GE - Jim Larsen

KC7V - Mike Fulcher

K5VT - Vince Thompson

N7BG - Tony Rogozinski

Rigs: Four Kenwood TS930s plus three linear amplifiers.

Antennas: A3S tribander, 3 ele 15m, 3 ele 20m, 2 ele 40m, Dipoles for 160m and 80m.

Claimed Score: 11,363 QSOs; 155 zones; 542 countries = 23.6 million.

The teams’ thanks went to Samir, 9G1NS for enormous logistical help and to Kofi, 9G1AJ and Philip, 9G1PB for permissions. Also thanks to Ralph, 9G1RQ for local support. The hospitality and warm welcome were truly appreciated as was the cooperation of the Accra Novotel Hotel. The Central Arizona DX Club thanks you all!