1998: Togo (5V7A)

The 1998 team in Togo for 5V7A were:

5B4AGN (G3ZEM) - Bob Henderson

G3AB - Andy Chadwick

G3SXW - Roger Western

G3VMW - Steve Wilson

G4BWP - Fred Handscombe

G4FAM - Cris Henderson

GM3YTS - Robert Ferguson

K5VT - Vince Thompson

KC7V - Mike Fulcher

KY7M - Lee Finkel

Rigs: Seven TS930s, seven Alpha amplifiers.

Antennas: six yagis, five dipoles, two verticals, beverage.

Note from team: Our 7th entry in WW CW from West Africa netted 38m points from 14,700 contacts. Again this year our special thanks to Jeni Sayer for so much local helo; to Ralph/9G1RQ, for assistance in Accra; to K7WX/G3VMW for so much hard work producing our super Web-site.

The following article by Lee Finkel/KY7M appeared in CQ Contest Magazine (may be slow to load). Click on the top-right icon (arrow) for a full screen view.

5V7A CQ Contest Magazine (KY7M).pdf