2004: Niger (5U5Z)

The 2004 team in Niger consisted:

G0MTN - Lee Volante

G3PJT - Bob Whelan

G3SXW - Roger Western

G4BWP - Fred Handscombe

G4PIQ - Andy Cook

K5VT - Vince Thompson

KC7V - Mike Fulcher

N7NG - Wayne Mills

Rigs: Seven one-kilowatt stations.

Antennas: Five beams, numerous wires and verticals.

Note from team: This was the Voodoo Contest Group’s 12th entry to CQ WW CW from West Africa and the second from Niger. Many thanks to Jim, 5U7JB for storing our equipment for a whole year and for the great hospitality. The equipment is now in Bobo-Dioulasso, in the west of Burkina Faso, stored by another wonderful friend, Hugo/XT2HB. We hope to be QRV in next year’s contest from XT (Burkina Faso) or TZ (Mali).

In 2004, the team flew into Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and then took a bus to Niamey, Niger. The gear was picked up and shipped to the hotel for the contest. Following the contest, the bus was used again to drop most of the team in Ouagadougou for their flights home. Mike KC7V and Fred G4BWP carried on with the bus to Bobo-Dioulasso, where it was stored until the following year to be transported to Mali.