2012: Liberia (EL2A)

EL2A 2012 in Monrovia, Liberia – the Voodoo Contest Group’s final year as a team in West Africa. The team consisted of:

AA7A - Ned Stearns

EL2DT - Dickson Tarnue

G3SXW - Roger Western

G4BWP - Fred Handscombe

G4IRN - John Warburton

KC7V - Mike Fulcher

KY7M - Lee Finkel

N7CW - Bud Semon

Antennas: Mono-band beams for 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m; 80m sloping dipole; 160m Titanex.

Radios: Five Elecraft K2/K3 transceivers and Alpha amplifiers.

Claimed Score: 13,011 QSOs; 190 zones; 969 countries = 33.5m points.

Note from the team: This was our 21st year in CQWWCW from West Africa, in 11 different countries. the Golden gate Hotel, near Monrovia, was ideal for our needs. Our thanks to them for full co-operation, also Richmond/EL2BG (President, Liberian Radio Amateur Association) and Steve for help with licences.