2013: Cyprus (P3F)

Top (l-r) Lee KY7M, Ned AA7A, John G4IRN.

Bot (l-r) Roger G3SXW, Karen XYL/5B4AGN, Bob 5B4AGN

Despite the African years being over, we always maintained that the Voodoo spirit would live on. For CQ WW CW in November 2013, a team operated in the Multi/2 High Power category from Cyprus, call-sign P3F. Many thanks to Bob 5B4AGN and his XYL Karen for making it possible and so comfortable.

We operated a Multi/2 set up – the two American ‘dudes (Ned AA7A and Lee KY7M) shared one radio and operated 160, 80, 20, 10 and some 20m. The other radio was shared by English ‘dudes Roger G3SXW and John G4IRN, operating 15, 40 and the remaining 20m. Operational and motivational support was provided by Bob 5B4AGN and XYL Karen.

The station comprised:

2 * Elecraft K3

Alpha 87 amplifier

Acom 1000 amplifier

Hy-Gain TH-11 triband yagi @ 60ft

Force-12 C31-XR yagi at 60ft

Cushcraft 240 for 40m at 70ft

80m full size vertical

Shunt-fed tower on 160m

Logging with Win-Test

Ned AA7A and Lee KY7M with their wives started their trip with a vacation in Greece and Cyprus. The wives flew home prior to the contest weekend, leaving them to play some serious radio; John and Roger joined them at Bob’s QTH on the Thursday afternoon.

Thursday evening saw Marios 5B4WN/G0WWW (C4W in the contest) and Stavros 5B4AFM/M0BBB (P3Z in the contest) join the team for a great Indian meal cooked by Karen. Then Friday evening the team joined some other local 5Bs and their wives for a pre-contest meal and drink in a traditional local taverna.

QSL via M0URX: http://m0urx.com/oqrs/